15:59hrs, Wednesday the 24th 2018 I’m seated on my bed listening to South African music because lately I’ve really been into this type of music. Only reason I’m here is because I’m down with a flu and being in school would equate to a million questions of why I look the way I do, and [...]


You Broke Me (Forgiveness)

I've tried I've tried to pretend Tried to move on Tried to forget But you broke me Came right after me and attacked me Right where I thought I'd forever be a champion You broke me Ripped my heart wide open You tried me One pill, two pills, three pills The fourth one was yours [...]


Finally. I finally feel free from everything And that includes myself I'm free from all the voices inside my head The ones that have always enslaved me Free from all those invisible chains That had me fighting myself Acting like a monster I'm free from my drenched heart In bitterness and sorrow and pain And [...]