What my mama told me

She presented herself as the light in the dark. A beautiful charming girl for a friend. She had such perfect timing for she came just when I needed a ‘friend’ like her. I had come from a disappointing friendship with a girl who I couldn’t possibly handle her paranoia. Mary; the girl with the paranoia and I were constantly arguing over this and that for a while before the ‘angel’ came along. I loved Mary though and a part of me felt hurt that our friendship was fading as the days went by but here was Martha the angel, she brought such abundant light. I could only imagine the days to come, full of life and vigor. It was a brand new start and the ride seemed exciting. I buckled up and trusted the wheel to show me the way, the wheel being Martha. Martha was different from them all, she was adorably sweet. She was always there when I needed her, at my beck and call. She held my hand and stood by me when everyone else was not, she understood me and my depression. She always assured me that it would be fine. “It’s going to be okay love, I promise it will don’t you worry.” And like a child innocently ignites a fire, I innocently fell for it all. I fell for all her told and untold lies and I couldn’t stop talking about this heaven-sent angel. Oh Martha, Martha this Martha that. I told my mother all about her and showed to everyone and anyone I could the gorgeous anklet she got me for a gift. Bit by bit I got to know about her. She was broken, probably more broken than I ever was. She came from a broken home and she found it quite challenging to cope and I played the role of a friend, a sister and a confidant. I whispered words of encouragement whenever I could as she lay on my shoulder and cried then soon enough Mildred came along. Another charmer making the sum add up to two, two charming friends. Mildred and Martha seemed to have so much in common as she came from a broken home as well. Here I was, the in between of two girls who seemed to have different principles than I would have imagined and who were nothing like me and so I made up my mind to see the best in them because that’s what friends do right? they love each others flaws and embraces them as they are. I purposed to be the friend that sticks by them no matter what. Days went by then weeks and finally months of vivid realization, I had lost the only friend who understood the true meaning of friendship in depths; Mary. Now here I was, so confused after unfolding the truth about who Martha and Mildred really were. Martha’s tears were never really tears but a show. She wasn’t the angel nor the light she seemed to be and Mildred was no charmer either. They played chess with my head hoping to win me one day and turn me into them but I knew sooner. My naivety grew into what my mama told me; never trust only love for when you love hate has no room.


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