What Greater Love

She held her tummy, as if to cure the pain. She felt sick, weak but she did what she always does best and stayed strong. Soon enough she knew it was not just any kind of discomfort for she was having me. She could have despised me, loved me, who knows? But she chose to love me. Deeper with every kick, every movement. She endured her beautiful skin turn into what is now gone. The breathlessness and she still kept me. That same feeling on and on, even with hours of sleep. She carried it all. Some days she cried and embraced me within her, I think I felt it because we both have it, that connection. She knew it was me and so she called me by my name even as she carried me. Two more weeks, I must have fallen in love with my little home. They slit her open and found me there, then the greatest love story took it’s first step…


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