A little more truth

Sometimes I wonder. Why life can be so cruel. Why it can be so hurt-less. I’m just a girl, a simple young girl who is no different from the average human being but see my story is nothing close to what everyone calls average. I cry, I break, I hurt but the extent is not always what it should be. I know that life is a play with no rehearsal and that I am the script-er but then every time I try write my hand slips and writes all the wrong lines soon becoming chapters and I can’t seem to hold in the tears anymore. I am broken, hurt and lost in a world of no return. All around me are walls, black walls with blood stains from the cuts on my body. I can’t seem to see the light because the walls are too high swallowing me inside them and up above me is a cloud of darkness. I have nowhere to hide, no one to run to. My heart is giving up on me and my body is growing faint and weak, I need you to look past my imperfections because they are way too many to be made perfect. You were the one my heart was bound to, despite all the chapters, I learnt to submit to you, with all of your imperfections I vowed and devoted myself to staying true to you.

Hold my hand
And don’t let go
Promise me
Tell me that you’ll be there
To cherish me
I need you to see me
From within
Because my scars deceive you
Know me by heart
By soul by spirit
And so from now
I promise
To keep the vow I made to you
When your heart
Was still bound to mine


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