Only One

At your worst He loved you
Chose me to portray it
And yet you pushed me away
You broke me and each time
I took you back
I listened to you speak lies
But I still chose to love you
Then yet again you’d come to me
Crying from within
Saying you were sorry
You promised me change
So where is it now?
You said you chose me
But every time you stopped
To look back
You let go of my hand
And disappeared into the darkness
Then you’d come back running to me
With guilt fighting to steal your breath
This time I was broken
Tired of the lies
And so we broke it
Night after night
I cried myself to sleep
Hear my phone buzz
And a smile starts to form
Then I turn to look
It wasn’t you
I turn it off
And begin to sob again
I told myself
I deserve better
She said it too
She hoped that one day I’d see it
And that I’d turn my back against you
But she told me she
Didn’t understand my type of love
Wishing that she could love like I do


I did it again
I took you back
And forgave you
But each time I never forgot
I stored every heartbreak in a jar
A jar of ice
My trust was there too
It was dead and frozen
Couldn’t have possibly come to life
Then you began to push me further away
I knew we were drifting
And it was the end
You made it clear and told me
We were never going back to okay
I don’t know if you will ever
Find a love like mine
Because I gave it my all
And I was ready to die for you
But the one who loved you first
Gave me a promise
Which I am banking on
I’ve said it to you over and over
That it was always only you
And even now
As I walk away to a place where
East will never meet west
It remains you
My heart is broken
But each time I try and mend it
The same man tells me to wait upon you
And so I promise to stay true to you
Even if death comes
Before His will prevails
I will wait on you
In the next life


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