Truth within the lie

When feelings come between you and your judgment
And what you know is right is different from what you want
It makes you think about the truth
Trying to twist and intertwine it with the lie
Wishing that the lie will coat the truth making it right
Hopefully a maybe closer to the yes and further from the no
Thinking that your life can be a little fairytale
With a few adjustments you can make it perfect

You say just this once and never again
Forgetting that the bitter sweet apple is always the forbidden one
Then yet again, you promise, never again
Losing yourself into your new craft the art of lies
You become the script-er and lose the draft
Lie within a lie you carry on with comfort
Inspiration to the lyrics yes you are
Because now you are someone that I used to know

You got so carried away that you drowned in false identity
You forgot the essence of life the reason to live
Minus the F and the V you become what you are, a lie
Feelings, it‘s clear what we both felt, love
You being both you and I
You told me we looked good together, like an art
But art was never meant to look good it was meant to make you feel something
You succeeded, you are the words in my story

You built a foundation on lies
But what you feel is true and honest
Yet again someone that I used to know
I lost my story but I will ask because only you create the words


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