Broken Vessel..

broken-pots-cindy-nowotnyThis is the broken, vulnerable and weak me

Bruised and fresh scars on my inside

I am a slave of depression and a prisoner of words

I am the one they tell you to avoid

Because my imperfections are way too many to be your perfection

I am pain itself and my best of friend spells l.o.n.e.l.y

I am the one whose tears you cannot contain

I am the burden you flee from, the dark ocean

My name is somber, sorrow, hurt you name it

My life is the forbidden story

Myself, yes, myself I am my greatest enemy

And yes it is true what they say, I am weak

I give in to the needs of depression

I am chained and cuffed and imprisoned in this world

A world of addiction and struggle

I hate to admit to the truth

The sour truth of my state

I am a helpless, hopeless being

I know not the meaning of true love other that on Calvary’s tree

Judged and abused I learnt to live

With my head between my hands

You’d think I was shy but no that was never the case

I was the girl who cried a river

Do you understand me?

I am just a girl

A broken vessel

All my life I felt pain

I suffered heart ache

I was betrayed

And now, now I do not even know who I am!

What is my identity?

Do you get me when I say need help?

Do you get me when I say I need a friend?

And no I was never born to be an introvert

But now that’s my label…








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