Like an animal,

I am caged.

In a four walled room,

And all I am is raged.

They call me mental,

Because I’m not what they presume.

Whispers behind my back,

Of how much they are fed up.

But they did not bother at all,

To try and know me.

And so I built more walls,

Only the walls I built had no doors.

So I for once I could feel love,

From the silence that knew me best.

A shadow of myself is all there was,

Because I gave in.

Gave in to the wants of a world that I knew had no return.

I saw no light,

And so I knew it was a lie,

A lie I held onto so I could survive.

I learnt to cry and smile,

Just that the latter was a show.

Perfected my art on it,

Because it made me brave.

Stored all my pain in a void,

An empty place in my heart,

Where all my pain grew into anger.

A burden too heavy for my heart to bear,

I broke.

And that was the beginning of my greatest sorrow.

A life I lived in secrecy.






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