3AM and I’m gazing at the darkness

I slip deeper under my blankets

As fear suffocates me.

My eyes stay open

As my brain plays different scenarios

And my heart starts to pound.

I badly want to close my eyes

And wish everything away

But my annoying yet faithful friend keeps me awake.

I start to question

And I don’t remember how

But my pillow ends up wet.

Wondering why I feel misunderstood

Why I feel alone

Too many whys to end up with an answer.

I curl up

My knees to my chest

And I begin to sob uncontrollably.

I know I am all alone

And so I don’t care to wake a soul

I remain quiet yet loud on the inside.

I hear someone coming close

And soon enough there’s a hand on my shoulder

Then I realize I was so caught up in agony to realize the sun rose.


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