I’m done feeling weak

Being used

Having no voice

Being small

I know my worth

And I know where I stand

And so no longer will my voice be suppressed

No longer will I be made small

No longer will I allow myself to be used

No longer will I feel weak

And even when I do

I will not forget my worth

I have been broken too many times

I have been hurt too many times

To allow my heart to bear pain anymore

Pain thay only grows into anger

I have learnt to love myself too much

To allow myself to become a prisoner of agony

I will no longer allow myself to be mistreated

And so I choose to let go

To let go of every grudge

To let go of everything not worthy for me

I am exhaling all that has destroyed me from the inside

And I am inhaling all that will build me

I am accepting all that will give me the grace I need to face each day

I am allowing myself to love once again

Through the rought times I know I will be stronger

Because the downs of life will always be there

All I want is happiness

All I am seeking is understanding

Because lately I’ve been slipping back into the person that had no life

All I’ve felt is emptiness




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