Innocently Inlove…

I’m scared, caught up in so many feelings

Held up in so many thoughts

Everything just happened and how?

I can’t trace

That’s the best part

So natural and true!


A joy I can’t express

It’s so amazing

I wanna play it on the guitar

Sing it a song

Write it down in my favourite script

I wanna live it in each day like it’s the last


It feels like ages when we were strangers

And a lifetime of being together

Ironic’ I know’ but that’s the beauty of it all

It feels right and honest

A dream, I don’t want to wake up from

No regrets to bind me


The future is untold

The past is no secret

It’s clear what I want

A life with you

A story about us

And eternity together


There is no other proof I need

Because the life we’ve started is proof enough

You’ve made it feel perfect even though miles await us

But that’s the beginning of the start right?

No denials to hold us back

Unfolding each moment together


And before death brings the separation

I want you to be my best friend

My confidant

My source of strength and direction

My remaining life story

And my everything


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