The Dust Wind

​This a story

A story you’ve heard before 

Of a girl so broken

But she got better

She was doing fine

Happiness grew on her

It grew so deep she felt like a dream

She was the best she could ever be

And it’s no secret

I started to love her

So deeply I was afraid to lose her

So deeply I didn’t notice 

She was slowly slipping again 

I was so caught up

Blinded by the passing wind

I forgot about the dust that settles

She came up to me one night

She told me she was hurting 

That she was feeling so alone 

That her world was breaking again

That she was feeling forgotten 

I didn’t know what to say

How to face her

Tears forming in my eyes 

I tried to hide it

But I guess I was weaker

And she was stronger

I held her tight in my arms

And I couldn’t help it but cry

But she whispered something in my ear

Something that made stronger

She said, 

“The wind will come again, 

The dust will soon be blown away.”


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