Not Just But a Fantasy


We all want to be free, ride through life free of worries. Meet someone that will sweep us off our feet and forever be in love with the same person. We crave so badly to sleep at night and not wake up at odd hours thinking about a bad tomorrow. For everyone or at least most people this is a fantasy and it’s remained just that, a  fantasy;

I believed in the perfect life. It was a clear picture painted in my mind and engraved in my heart. No one could possibly have changed it, or at least I thought. I believed that life, sadly, was not meant for everyone and only the blessed few could experience this intense perfection. I stayed in ‘my place’ where people like me were meant to be. A place where happiness was just but a thought, a place where the world rejected you and you were more or less invisible and of no importance.

I believed and knew in my heart that this picture I had would forever remain that. My life was never going to be what I envisioned it to be and so I lived everyday not looking forward to the next because after all I saw no worth in it until this one day, I remember it like it was just a moment ago, I met him. Him who taught me that life is what you make it, that no one but me had the power to bring this picture I had to life… He taught me that it was never really about what the world thought or what material wealth I had. He was the true definition of a hopeless romantic, something I believed a dark skinned girl like me would never experience. He was perfection in itself. And in him was the happiness I knew to be just but a thought.


I discovered my worth and let go of all the false beliefs…

It doesn’t have to be just but a fantasy. The power is within you.


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