You Broke Me (Forgiveness)


I’ve tried

I’ve tried to pretend

Tried to move on

Tried to forget

But you broke me

Came right after me and attacked me

Right where I thought I’d forever be a champion

You broke me

Ripped my heart wide open

You tried me

One pill, two pills, three pills

The fourth one was yours

Handed it to me like a dagger driven and twisted right through my core

Took my breath away you left me for dead

But why did you?


I’ve tried

Tried to understand

Tried to reach out

Tried to relate

But you didn’t let me

Pushed me away

Treated me like dirt

Victimized yourself

No decency


“There’s nothing as hard as forgiving she who does not acknowledge her wrong”


Breath in

Breath out

My mind and body I free

My soul, I renew

Let go of all the anger

Let go of all the pain

I forgive you

And then I forgive myself for not forgiving you sooner


“And even when they hurt you, wish them well”


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